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Your Questions & Answers 

How do I get my shipments cleared?
  • You can clear shipments with V.N. Lakhani & Co. It’s easy:
    Contact Our representative.
  • This is what we will need ecciciently clear your shipments:
    – Import/Expoer Documents and Harmonized Tarrif classification of your products (we can assist you with that)
    – Set up procedures for paying duties and taxes (we can assist you with that)
    Authorization from you to act as a – Customs Agent on your behalf.
What documents do I need to clear customs?

Genrally, a transport documents, such as a bill of lading, invoice and a packing list. Customs authorities may require additional documentation,
Certificate of Origin of Preferance.

Do I need a special license to import/export?

Some goods may be subject to certain government department regulations and may require licenses, so find out the specific before importing or exporting. In the event of a problem, such as awaiting licenses V.N. Lakhani & Co. can transfer the goods into Customs bonded warehuse and reduce port storage bills.

I'm unsure of the tariff classification and duty rates of a new line of products. Can You Help?

Yes. We can assist you in determining the tariff classification and duties. It is important that you have a thorough description of the goods and know their value and origin.

Can you help us import from new countries?

Yes. Whatever the cargo or country, we have the specialist in house knowledge to handle any issues.

How much support would you give us when we're being audited?

We retain documents for the required period for auditing and can provide these quickly. Our expertise and fotprint can supprt you in meeting your audit obligations.

How do I import goods from another country?

Start by learning the import requirements of your products by visiting the website of your country’s Customs authorities. An experienced Customs Broker such as V.N. Lakhani & Co. will support you through the entire import process.

How do I know what duty I have to pay on an item I am importing?

Unless exempt, all imported are subject to customs duties and taxes based on their tariff classification according to Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).
Some goods are also assessed in relation to other taxes – including excise duties or anti-dumping duties.

Is there anyway of speeding up customs?

We make every effort to ensure that your customs declaration is prepared and presented on time. A part database of your product can greatly improve the time it takes to prpare declarations, and once the authorities are familiar with your company this may speed up the clearing process.

Customs authorities want to perform an audit. What support can you give me?

We can assist with document production and collection, and review your internal procedures and transactions in preparation for your audit.

An urgent shipment is held for release by the local health authority. Can you help?

Yes. We can act as an intermediary with other goverment agencies that have jurisdiction over the importation of goods.

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Assuming that Ownership = Liability 

Incoterms make no mention of ownership, starnge as it may seem if you are to the concepts. Incoterms only define when possession, control and risk transfer from seller to buyer.


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